Photography, Video, Website Design

The Project Brief

Think Studios was approached by Brianna and Jason to develop a new responsive website for Esprezzo Cafe. The website had to be fun, quirky and engaging to reflect Esprezzo’s vibe. Esprezzo asked for their social media to feature within the website, as this is their main source of driving customer awareness and engagement. A morning was spent photographing an array of delicious food and coffee – and yes, we were able to sample the amazing menu!

Our Approach & Solution

Think Studios developed a website using a CMS system. Custom Facebook, and Instagram feeds were inserted into the website which update automatically once an image or status is posted. This makes the website personal and was a great solution to help further engage with their ever growing fans. Our mouth watering photo’s were plastered throughout the website.


/ Photography
/ Video
/ Responsive Website built with a CMS system.

Launch Website

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